Wednesday 11 August 2010

Familiar Forms (2): The Kyrielle

'We leave the high road through the glen...'

The Winding Way
by Caroline Gill

[photo: sheep on Raasay]

I have just heard that my Kyrielle, The Winding Way*, has taken Joint Second Position in the Metverse Muse Fixed Form Poetry Competition 2010.

Dr H. Tulsi from Visakhatpatnam is the editor of Metverse Muse. The magazine's new book of poetry forms, Muse Clad in Costumes, contains two of my poems. I am looking forward to its arrival from India.

The Origins of (or Mythology behind) the Kyrielle:

The Kyrielle originated in France, where it was a favourite form of the Troubadours. The name evolves from the word Kyrie - as in liturgical Christian prayers. The title, Kyrie, derives from the Greek word, κύριος.

Compose a Kyrielle! Instructions can be found here:

My published example:

The Winding Way (in a new book of poetry forms, Muse Clad in Costumes, a Metverse Muse publication edited by Dr H. Tulsi, Visakhatpatnam, India, Summer 2010)

* [ref. 10/2010]

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