Thursday 19 August 2010

Persian/Arabic Poetry Forms in English (1): The Ghazal

The Origins of (or Mythology behind)
Arabic Ghazal form:

1] Bernard M. Jackson has an excellent introduction to the origins of 'The Ghazal - A Poem of Passion' on p.38 of the latest edition of Quantum Leap (ed. Alan Carter), issue No. 51 for August 2010.

2] Gino Peregrini has brought out his Arabic Challenge edition of The Ghazal Page.


Compose an Arabic Ghazal! Instructions can be found here:

You will find Gino's edition here, along with a description of the form (and here).


My published example:

in the Arabic Challenge edition of The Ghazal Page: 'A Lonely Soul'*.

* ref. [8/2010]

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