Thursday 18 June 2020

New Forms (30): the Suffolk Cando

'... so how did it get so green?' Dean Parkin (Suffolk Cando)

Have you heard of the Suffolk Cando? Poet, Dean Parkin invented the form for the Make, Do & Friends projects, organised by Suffolk Artlink and the Rural Coffee Caravan. He hopes it will help us to celebrate Suffolk Day on 21 June.

Dean describes the Suffolk Cando as a cross between a limerick and a haiku, with added Suffolk dialect thrown in. The form usually has four lines. It can include rhymes 'here and there'.

One line is usually a question, and while the inventor of the form would like to encourage a bit of 'Suffolk', he adds that 'any old dialect would do (or speech).'

The form will be premiered tomorrow on Radio Suffolk (UK) on Friday 19 June 2020 on the Lesley Dolphin show at 2.30pm.

Dean's examples:

Early spring
everything budding
we've had no rain
so how did it get so green?

They say wos it all about?
Well, I dunt really noo.
You can do the hookey cookey
but just yew mind how yew gew.

Posted with Dean's permission.

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