Tuesday 31 March 2015

New Forms (18): The Paradelle

Sunset at Wivenhoe

The Paradelle is a fiendishly difficult form!

I had not heard of it until Robert Lee Brewer issued a Paradelle challenge on the Writer's News Poetic Asides blog, which you can see here.

Serendipitously, I was reading at PoetryWivenhoe last week and discovered that Peter Kennedy, the group's Administrator-cum-Webmaster-cum-Treasurer, had a poem, 'Paradelle of a Thousand Ships', published last autumn on the London Grip website here (you will need to scroll down a bit). If you click the link, you will find an explanation about the unusual origin of this form!
  • Read about the form here on the Poetic Asides blog
  • A Paradelle anthology (ed. Theresa Welford), available from Amazon

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