Monday 30 July 2012

Sonnet Sequence (5): The Swatantra Sonnet

Waves on The Lizard, Cornwall

Background to the Swatantra Sonnet form can be found here
Bangladeshi-American Poet-Editor Hassanal Abdullah invented the Swatantra Sonnet as a form in Bengali. Since then he has been experimenting with the form in English. Hassanal Abdullah is editor of Shabdaguchha magazine, a journal of bilingual poetry (you might like to take a look here).

Compose a Swatantra Sonnet! Instructions can be found here
A published example of a Swatantra Sonnet in English by Hassanal Abdullah can be found here in Poetrybay online magazine.

My published example of a 'Swatantra Sonnet-inspired poem':
'Vagrant Emperor' [13/2010] appears in Cornwall - an anthology of poetry and photographs (2012, compiled by Les Merton, photography by Angelicia) ISBN 978-1-906845-38-4. Les Merton is editor at Palores Publications and editor of Poetry Cornwall/Bardhonyeth Kernow.  

N.B. I have written 'Swatantra Sonnet-inspired' because my poem [13/2010] only has 10 syllables per line. This count seemed in keeping with the slender subject of this particular poem.   

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