Wednesday 11 April 2012

New Forms (8): Cuban Décima Mirror

Thanks to Gregory Pincus, inventor of the Fib poetry form (based on the Fibonacci Sequence), I have come across the Cuban Décima Mirror. This is not so much a new form as an adaptation of an old one. Greg identifies two stanzas of five lines each. Every line has eight syllables. The end-of-line 'stanza rhyme-words' mirror each other, and in this respect the form resonates with palindromic poetry and - for that matter - with Dr Marc Latham's Folding Mirror Poetry, although the CDM lacks the Folding Mirror central line.

Background to the Cuban Décima Mirror form ...

You can read more here (ensuring that you alight on p.xv) in 'The Latin Beat' by Ed Morales. Pamela Gray's Decima Poetry Lesson here may also be of interest.

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